Happy birthday to us: Lovely's Vintage Emporium is five today

Thanks so much to all our supporters who have enabled us to trade for the last five years! We could not do this without you. THANK YOU

Here are some of the highlights, of the last five years of since we launched on March 29th 2011 at 6.30pm!

2011: We launched on March 29th 2011 and had 23 orders in the first 30 minutes after the website went live. Our first 'celebrity' client was US rapper Nicki Minaj. We were written about immediately by The Times, The Daily Telegraph, LOOK, Cosmopolitan, Vogue Russia and many, many blogs.

2012: We appeared on the This Morning TV show numerous times in their fashion features and presenter Holly Willoughby became a client.

Our vintage crush Dawn O'Porter became a much treasured client and she continues to very kindly mention us when she is interviewed about her love of vintage.

2013: We won the UK's Best Online Vintage Fashion Shop award at The National Vintage Awards 2013!!!!

2014: The Daily Telegraph Stella magazine named us one of 'Britain's 50 Best Vintage Fashion Boutiques'. Specsavers magazine ran a two page feature about our founder Lynnette Peck.

2015: Mail on Sunday YOU magazine and Newsweek wrote about us.

2016: We are FIVE years old and bloggers are still writing about us. THANK YOU.

BUT of course the VERY IMPORTANT people are our clients!! Below are some of them, over the last five years, in selfies with them wearing their Lovely's Vintage Emporium pieces.

LOTS OF LOVE, Lovely's Vintage Emporium! Here's to another five years...

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