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True Tales of Sex, Success and SEX AND THE CITY with Candace Bushnell

Last night Team Lovely's Vintage went to see a one-woman show with Candace Bushnell called True Tales of Sex, Success and Sex and The City at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. Bushnell was the author of the original tales of Carrie Bradshaw.

Cardiff - meet the real Carrie Bradshaw! The very first UK tour of Candace Bushnell’s acclaimed one-woman show True Tales of Sex, Success and Sex and the City. The international best-selling novelist – author and creator of TV’s iconic Sex and the City – takes us on a whirlwind tour of New York City, sharing her remarkable philosophy through stories of fashion, literature... and, of course, sex.

Candace came on stage wearing a shiny red floaty mini skirt and tight red jumper, matched with towering red heels (of course). The sound went down so we couldn't hear her but like a true professional she went off stage and got it fixed and reappeared and started all over again. 

Many of the audience members (mostly women) got dressed up for the night and looked incredible in high heels and a variety of sequinned and glittery outfits.

The first half of the show was a whirlwind of tales of her childhood (a very successful father who invented rocket fuel) where she was pushed to be brilliant and her early years moving to New York in the 1970s where she partied and dated a lot of unsuitable men.

She even moved in with a 65-year-old man when she was just 18 and had a threesome with him and a female prostitute. Some wild tales, that are definitely not for children.

The set design had Bushnell lounging on a luxe pink velvet coach surrounded by shoes and shopping bags. Numerous pairs of her own designer shoes were spotlit at the front of the stage. Everything about the show and her chatter told us that she was 'Carrie'.

I won't give too much away, in case you see the show, but the second half of the show (she had a costume change into a grey feather boa dress) made it clear that post-season two of SATC that 'Carrie' and Candace definitely parted ways in the storyline. Although Candace did have a ballet dancer boyfriend and then become single again in later life.

Go see it yourself and enjoy a wild ride of a life as told by the person who lived it. Bushnell was charming, funny and clearly super clever and good at controlling the direction of her own life. An inspiration.

She has been on the New York Times bestsellers list many times now with her numerous novels and she is currently working on a new TV show about dating post-50. Should be fun.


PS: Today when I was browsing Facebook I saw that my friend Lisa is the make-up artist working with Candace on this tour! She was in the audience during the show and it was such a shame that neither of us knew the other was there!




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