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Guest Blog for Lovely's Vintage by Jade & Tara from

Styling vintage pieces with new items can be tricky; they are often so individual and quirky that it can be difficult to imagine wearing them with current bits from your own wardrobe! The trick is to just go hard - don’t be afraid of a vintage piece, make it your own and most importantly, forget when it was made or you run the risk of getting stuck in that decade when you come to style it! Here’s how we would style a few amazing items from Lovely's Vintage Emporium, with pieces you can buy right now on the high street or online. 

The first vintage piece from Lovely's Vintage Emporium that caught our eye was the stunning 1980’s Bright Yellow Leather Skirt! The colour is perfect for S/S11 and it has the ability to be super edgy AND super chic, so this is exactly how we played it!

Take a fun Wildfox Couture ‘Happy’ slasher tee and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita’ boots in white fur and the skirt becomes the focus of a hot but effortlessly cool outfit for a night out. But match it with a sexy pair of Kurt Geiger ‘Active’ heels and a sheer Topshop leopard vest  and the skirt becomes the flash of colour in a chic ensemble you could easily wear for a wedding (yes, RAWR girls wear leather to weddings)!

Further into our browse on Lovely's Vintage Emporium, we spotted this 1970’s Ossie Clark for Radley Swing Top (above). The collar and neckline are FIERCE, it demands a crazy sexy cool look so we matched it to a current RAWR fave, the Charley 5.0 ‘Quick As A Cat’ leopard print denim running shorts coming soon to The Raw Denim Bar, (both Tara and I have these and trust us, they rock) - the swing hem of this Ossie Clark top would look cool over them and the fabulous Senso DiffusionNeve’ boots, showing how any of the three colours would be perfect depending on how far you wanted to take the look. Personally, I’d go with the silver :) 

Onto the next one. Okay, so pretty much every fashionista is crazy for the Whistles ‘Carrie’ skirt right? But wouldn’t it be just that little bit nicer to have a one off original? Well here you go – from Lovely's Vintage Emporium the 1970’s Tangerine Pleated Skirt! With its elasticated waist you could wear it dead on your waist, or pull it down to your hips a little to get that mid-calf ‘Carrie’ length, plus, this type of delicately shaped skirt can be styled as ladylike or with as much tongue in cheek fun as you prefer. Observe!

This was probably our fave to style. For the ladylike side we paired it with a Reiss ‘Greta’ silk top and Topshop silver ‘Gigi’ heels. This look shows that colourblocking can still be muted without reaching for the beige. I think the silver shoes make more sense than using a nude or another colour; they pull it together and look stylish without taking any attention from the two main pieces. 

On the other side we’ve really pulled off a super cute look showing how the skirt can really work in a young, fun outfit! The Miss Selfridge Barbie tee gives a nod to the retro feel of the skirt and the Carvela ‘Klue’ wedges add some maturity which is then set off with the cute ASOS ankle socks

Da daaaa, don’t act like you’re not impressed ;)

We like to think this little read has proved that you don’t have to prep a vintage piece as the only statement item in your outfit and that they actually work better if they are surrounded by other eye-catching colours, patterns and styles to bounce off. Vintage pieces are special because they are style survivors; they want to be worn as if they just came off the hanger, not wrapped in tissue and admired once a season without ever seeing any sun! So this is where you go browse Lovely's Vintage Emporium online boutique and find your own piece of vintage to love – GO! Jade & Tara

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