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Here at Lovely's Vintage Emporium it isn't just vintage fashion and accessories we love but we are also partial to some sweet treats - especially those that have been around for decades.

Below: original Black Magic chocolates advert

We especially love Black Magic chocolates that have been around since 1933. Chocolates were the preserve of the rich only, before Black Magic chocolates, and cost the equivalent of £300 today. But Black Magic chocolates launched and were the equivalent of 14p so everyone could afford them.

Black Magic chocolates also used to be in tins as well as boxes.

In the first advertising campaigns the chocolates were depicted as the definitive gift of affection, suggesting that there is no more romantic gift that a man can give his loved one. The adverts showed beautifully dressed women reading or writing letters telling of their romantic encounters over a box of Black Magic chocolates. The 'letters' campaign lasted well into the 1950s and established Black Magic chocolates as a brand known for its luxury and indulgence.

Below: 1930s Black Magic chocolates advert

Below: 1960s Black Magic chocolates advert

 Below: 1977 Black Magic chocolates advert

Below: 1980s Black Magic chocolates advert

In the 1930s and for many decades to come there were seven flavours: Orange Fondant, Hazelnut Cluster, Montelimar, Cherry Cup, Marzipan, Strawberry and Caramel.

Today there are just six flavours: 

Almond Crunch
Finely chopped almonds in a truffle filling and wrapped in rich dark chocolate
Raspberry Heaven
A fruity burst of raspberry encased in dark chocolate
Dreamy Fudge
Soft, creamy fudge in a dark chocolate coating
Whole Hazelnut Praline
A whole roasted hazelnut set in a praline, surrounded by a dark chocolate shell
Orange Sensation
Soft, tangy orange fondant in dark chocolate
Caramel Caress
Golden caramel in a dark chocolate shell.

What is your favourite vintage chocolate brand? Do let us know as we love to hear from you!

Love Lovely x

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