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I am an addict. A Sara Moon addict. I love her paintings and I have a large print of one (see pictures below) - mine is called 'Moshgan' although whilst researching it also appears to be called 'Lisa' - no idea why? I bought her on eBay years ago for £26 and she sits to the right of my desk where I work at home. 

We chat a lot and one day I am going to commission someone to make me a dress just like hers...which I will of course wear with a funny white headscarf like the one she is rocking.

I have to be honest and say that until recently I had never thought about who 'Sara Moon' is. I guess I imagined she was a hippy chick who idly spent the 1970s twirling her long hair and painting these ethereal women. I had such a shock when I looked into 'her' background. 

Turns out that 'Sara Moon' is a nom de plume for a MAN, a Persian artist whose real name is Bijan - he lives in Germany and started doing these pictures for commercial reasons when a publishing company in LA commissioned him in 1976. For a long time no one else really knew who 'Sara Moon' was either and there was big campaign online to find out who the artist was and if they were still alive. 

The true story ruins it a bit really, but I still love his work. He apparently was oblivious to all the fuss being made about whom he might be as he didn't have a computer and he now teaches art part-time and has essentially retired.

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Lynnette x 

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  • Melissa Henning on

    I have a Sara Moon painting called Hippy Girl that I am looking to sell. I have photos. Please contact me if interested..623 205 0444

    Nick & Melissa

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