Yesterday me and Miss Polar Dog (pictured above in our patriotic outfits) plus a slightly reluctant Mr Lovely's Vintage took ourselves off to a vintage-inspired Diamond Jubilee party in Hawley Square in Margate. The organisers of the event Priscilla and Louise (please do go and stay at Louise and her partner Liam's cool boutique B&B The Reading Rooms in Hawley Square if you get a chance) asked if I would judge a 'Best Dressed Vintage Outfit' competition. How could I not?

My outfit

It wasn't exactly hard to put together a 'vintage outfit' for myself as I wear vintage most of the time anyway. My vintage red hat and Gucci handbag are from the 1970s, my red dress and cream wool cardigan/coat from the 1980s (it has huge shoulder pads which I must get around to taking out) and my belt/tights/boots are recent.

The judging

Above: I am looking apprehensive before judging begins - notice all the local dignitaries, including the mayor in the background

Above: the contestants, from left to right: the contestant in the red dress and Scarlett in the cream dress (her grandmother's very pretty wedding dress!) told me 'we dress like this all the time' and their cute daughters in red dresses also entered the competition, the contestant in the black/white dress was wearing a Vivien of Holloway petticoat and vintage sunglasses, belt and handbag, the next contestant had entered her baby and not herself and the contestant on the far right in the fabulous polka dot dress had made the dress herself the night before...

And the winner of the Best Dressed Vintage Baby/Child was the half-asleep cutie, below, in the little blue dress and white knitted crown.


And the winner of the Best Dressed Vintage Adult was the lady in the black/white dress, see picture below. Congratulations!!

Now for some random pictures of Miss Polar Dog as she is so popular on this blog.

Plus above is Gemma, one of my Lovely's Vintage Emporium models and a good friend, wearing a Lovely's Vintage dress.


Organisers Mark and Priscilla - he is wearing his Jubilee tie from 1977.

Cupcakes and Pimms!


Mr Lovely's Vintage looking thrilled to be going to a Jubilee party...it was so cold we had hot chocolates at The Harbour Cafe in Margate first.

Why didn't this gentleman enter the competition?

Left to right: The Mayor of Margate Will Scobie, his partner and a man in a long red robe (sorry, not sure who he was)

I hope you all had a fabulous Diamond Jubilee weekend.

Love Lovely x





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  • BigFashionista on

    Oh I LOVE this!!!!!!!

    Fabulous post, you look gorgeous as ever. And the adult winners dress is divine. Baby is cute OBVS and Miss Polar, Always stylish.

    And is it me or is Mr Lovely looking seriously HOT lately ;-)

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