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Ms Tolly Dolly Posh is 12 years old and already she blogs, Tweets, is on Facebook and more. 

Photograph: Saskia Gregory

She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up although we say she could probably be one right now judging by how fabulous her blog is! So today's guest vintage blog post is by her.

Over to you Tolly:

In this modern world, sometimes it is good to go back to the old classics, sometimes it is good to take a look back at what the world used to be, and most importantly to me, what used to be worn. But, sometimes we just don't know know what to wear, we don't know what was vintage. Now, it is time to learn that. It is easy to create a vintage look in this modern world, just look at Lovely's Vintage Emporium! It can be hard though. Many high street stores try and stick with the flow of things, when we just don't want that. So, I have created TWO looks (see below) which show you how to create the best vintage outfit mixed with some high street finds, but without stepping over the OTT line. 


This outfit is really simple. To make it work right all you need to do is add touches of bright colours and classic cuts. These shoes from Topshop are perfect, because they have both of those things! Add the vintage bag from Lovely's Vintage Emporium, and voila! You can add nice simple stud earrings to complete the look, and do your hair just like Lovely's model! You'll surely get compliments, and you know you'll be looking great!

1970s Cream Pleated Maxi Dress With Gold Lattice £65.00  from Lovely's Vintage Emporium 

July Peep Toe Strappy Heels £48.00 from Topshop

1980s Pink Leather Clutch Bag & Purse £22.50 From Lovely's Vintage Emporium


Once again, this outfit is really simple. Pastels are very vintage, but also look great in modern society, so you will look amazing. They are also fun and youthful colours! The embroidery on the Lovely's Vintage Emporium dress is really cute, but this belt, also by Lovely's, will add that touch of colour and fun to the look, plus it matches the Slipper flats! These are pretty well priced, and have a cute pink stud on the toe.



I hope you find this useful on how to wear vintage clothes, easily, and simply. The two looks are very basic, so if you feel like you need to step back in time, but are not that confident, then go for something like these two looks.

Love Tolly

Photograph: Mark Gregory

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  • Tolly Dolly Posh on

    Thanks so much Lynette and everyone else at LVEs :) I love your stuff and because your on the IOW it makes everything so much better!! xx

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