Last night the Lovely's Vintage Emporium team went to a charity event with a difference: It was a pop-up restaurant, with a fire and ice theme in a fire station, and the waiters were the firemen! I know. It was a hardship for us... 

All money raised want to local charities. They are Wessex Cancer Trust, The Fire Fighters Charity, 100 Here 100 There and seeds4change. The food was cooked by local chefs, the delicious chilli chocolates were by the Chocolate Apothecary and the wine was provided by The Island Wine Company.

Some of the highlights of the evening included the fire station fire alarm going off due to the smoke from the chef cooking crepe suzettes; the actual fire siren ringing out loud and all the firemen dashing to their locker room to change and disappearing in the fire engine (they returned 20 minutes later and no one was harmed at the fire they attended); one of the firemen doing press-ups on the top of one of the restaurant tables; our fireman waiter Ross telling us "I will put your coats on my peg in the locker room..." we have unclean minds; wearing Ross the fireman's bright yellow helmet; finishing the evening sat in a fire engine driver's seat with fireman Dan at our feet...

Here are some pictures we took from the event. Enjoy!

Below: Ryde Fire Station, Isle of Wight

Below: Lynnette, the owner of Lovely's Vintage Emporium, with a fire eater (she is wearing a 1970s long black mohair cape)

Below: our firemen waiters for the evening...

Below: the menu

Below: Thai fishcakes

Below: helmet belong to our fireman waiter Ross Smallcombe

Below: Ross, our fireman waiter

Below: Ross, our fireman waiter showing us his mask...the water bottle is in a rather unfortunate position

Below: Lynnette with Ross, she looks happy to be wearing his helmet

Below: Does Your Kit Fit? poster in the firemen's locker room

Below: citrus sorbet

Below: Marmalade chicken with seasonal vegetables and lemon pepper sauce

Below: the chef making our crepe suzette's 

Below: profile of some of the firemen at the event

Below: the view from our table

Below: Lynnette and the firemen's ladder

Below: stood by the fire engine at midnight...

Below: a trip home in the fire engine with Dan the fireman...

Hope you enjoyed our round-up of of our evening with the men from Ryde Fire Station and huge thanks to them for a truly memorable evening.

Do support the charities if you can.

Love Lovely x


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