‘Dad’ Fashion Named One Of The Biggest Fashion Trends Of 2018

Baggy jumpers and cardigans and ‘ugly’ shirts and tops are having a moment as 'Dad' fashion is on trend...

When you think of fashion trends for 2018 you might think about the maxi floral dresses that have been everywhere or the unicorn-themed pieces BUT the biggest fashion trend (according to Lyst's annual Year in Fashion report which searches the globe and social media to compile its report) is 'Dad' fashion.

Say what?

Well, if your Dad wears chunky trainers, slouchy jumpers and cardigans and 'ugly' shirts then he is on trend. The searches online for these have gone up 439% apparently. We think it is just a return to comfort dressing, especially as more and more of us now work from home. 


It is also a nod back to Nineties vintage fashion (hurrah!) which Lyst also named as the most powerful (whatever that means) fashion trend of 2018. Here at Lovely's Vintage Emporium we have been wearing Nineties fashion since...well, the Nineties.


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