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RIP to iconic photographer Hiro

The fashion photographer Hiro died a few days ago (15.08.21) after a lifetime of beautiful and surreal images. From Jerry Hall in the Caribbean blowing smoke to Iman bedecked in gold jewellery, he was ahead of his time. Born Yasuhiro Wakabayashi, the Japanese American photographer was known for his fashion and still-life images.

Above: Jerry Hall, St. Martin, 1975 by Hiro

Above: One of Hiro’s most surreal photos is this one from 1982 - an enlargement of a manicured red toenail with a tiny black ant. As if the ant has climbed a nail mountain. Credit: Hiro/Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Above: Iman by Hiro 1977

RIP Yasuhiro Wakabayashi aka Hiro 3rd November 1930 – 15th August 2021


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