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The World’s Biggest Christmas Jumper

Women try to knit world’s biggest jumper for charity

A group of 20 women from a restaurant in Albi in Southern France are trying to knit the world’s biggest Christmas jumper this winter after coming third in the Ugly Jumper World Championship last year.

World's biggest Christmas jumper

When finished, the Christmas jumper will be eight metres tall by five metres wide, and is being made in the traditional Christmas colours of red and green, with the obligatory friendly-looking reindeer on the front. It is estimated to take 1200 hours of knitting time.

The restaurant behind this is called La Bonne Maison, and the Christmas jumper project is run by chief knitter, 29-year-old Lucille Carter. She says “At the front, there is a reindeer head on a red background. The sleeves are made in all colours, in a patchwork style. We have received many [donations] by post, or people have come by the restaurant to give them to us directly.”

French restaurant

The knitting project has been submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for approval, and the group is hoping to receive a response by January 2019.

The project is also helping to raise money for the homeless charity Secours Populaire.

Once the jumper has been finished the wool will be unpicked and made into blankets for “those who are cold and who need them”, says Lucille Carter.

Good luck knitters!

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