Which Of The 12 Quality Street Chocolates Are The Best And Worst

Do you prefer the Green Triangle or The Purple One?

Maybe caramel, orange or fudge are more your taste? We are of course talking about Quality Street which has been around since 1936.

Which one is your favourite and which ones always get left in the tin by Boxing Day? According to a survey by the brand itself The Purple One is most peoples fave.

Also, apparently boxes of Quality Street are getting smaller. In recent years our favourite Christmastime tin of chocolates has dropped in weight from 1,200g in 2009 to a teeny 720g now. We have noticed...

Plus Which?, who do consumer reports, has researched and found that you’re only likely to find five to six of the ‘Purple Ones’ Quality Street chocolates in each box.

My favourites are the Orange 🍊 or Strawberry 🍓 Cremes, so this news doesn’t worry me too much.

This year you could also personalise your tin. Lovely’s Street has a good ring about it!

If you have your own views on the best and worst in the Quality Street tin then do tell us in our comments section.

Happy chocolate chomping, Love Lynnette 

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