The Vintage at Southbank Centre festival (last year it was Vintage at Goodwood) was on last weekend 29-31st August 2011 in London in the UK. It was a mix of fashion, music, film, dancing, clubbing, genuine vintage lovers, those who thought it was a fancy dress event, food and much, much more. 

It started for me the week before when I met the co-founder Wayne Hemingway to discuss the event and the British Airways catwalk show (with many of BA's uniforms over the decades being held at it.

We attended on the first day of the three day festival (me and my friend FH who is art director of Vogue Russia and a true barometer of what is stylish and what is not) and as it was the first day and we were at the 11am press preview (doors opened at 12) it was understandably quiet and had an air of the calm before the storm...

FH and I had a great time as we always do when we hang out together - we shopped and ate cake so what's not to love BUT it didn't feel like a festival as it was set in the concrete jungle that is Southbank. I also didn't see lots of 'actors' dressed up and performing to add atmosphere unlike at Goodwood last year. 

The food and fashion stalls were free to visit as they were outside and the paying bit was inside the Festival Hall. I suspect this bit came alive at night with the various live bands/nightclubs/DJ's. I was only there from 11am-6pm and that was enough for me. 

I am a genuine vintage devotee, live it, wear it, sell it (, fill my house with it and 'vintage' festivals somehow feel too contrived for my taste.

Enjoyable but somehow disappointing is my final verdict. Hey, nothing wrong with sitting on the fence...

Here are MY shots of the day - in colour. 

All black and white pictures by Ceri James

A colleague went on Sunday and took the black/white shots. 


Geraldine and Wayne Hemingway - founders of Vintage at Southbank Centre (above) opening the festival at the press preview

Photo above by FH: me at the event in the tea room wearing a 1970s Jean Varon dress from my collection

Festival of Britain room (below)


Festival attendee or Minnie as I like to call her...(above)

Go girls! (above)

Apples need coats too...(left)


Disco, with no one dancing (above)

Time to get another drink (above)





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