As part of my day job (aside from running Lovely's Vintage Emporium) I am a magazine journalist specialising in fashion and beauty. As a result I get many invitations to press events, fashion shows, parties, openings and much more. 

Today I attended four work-related events: the launch of French hairdresser Michele Mercier's detangling brushes; Kilpatrick PR Christmas press event; Pearl Lowe for DP London beauty launch - I will blog about this tomorrow; Little Joe Woman Trunk show - the subject of this blog.

Little Joe Woman is a fashion brand that was set up by supermodel Gail Elliott in 2002. She initially specialised in pretty silk camisole dresses but now her range extends to all clothing and the USP is fabulous fabrics and wearable styles. Think lace jackets, silk maxi dresses, floaty blouses and cute mini-dresses. She has enlisted support for her brand along the way from her fellow supermodels Yasmin Le Bon and Cindy Crawford (see picture below of the three of them wearing Little Joe - Gail is in the middle).

At today's 'trunk show' (where you buy the items) at The Sanderson Hotel in the West End of London not only were Gail Elliott and Yasmin Le Bon in attendance but Eva Herzigova popped in when I was there. I also noticed many other very tall, very thin women floating around. It really was a herd of models. I tried not to feel too self-conscious, as you can imagine. Eva was wearing very cool black biker boots and a knitted black miniskirt.

I had a great chat with Yasmin Le Bon, who is just as beautiful in the flesh, ranging from our joint love of vintage to chat about our husbands. She revealed that she now has so many vintage clothes in her house that she has banned herself from buying anymore! I did tell her all about Lovely's Vintage Emporium so I hope she breaks her rule just this time and has a look at my offerings...I did a photo shoot with her husband (Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran) and the rest of his band when I was editing a magazine in 2008 so we had a good giggle about that. For someone so beautiful and successful she was refreshingly down to earth and, dare I say it, normal.

TOP PICTURE: The cream Little Joe Woman dress (but the full length version) was worn by Gail Elliott today

MIDDLE PICTURE: The blue/white Little Joe Woman dress - I heard Eva Herzigova ask if she could try it on in size extra small (I dream of asking for an extra small!) 

ABOVE: The long black/pink Little Joe Woman dress Yasmin Le Bon was wearing

Love Lovely x

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