Here at Lovely's Vintage Emporium we love LOOK magazine. It is the place to find the best high-street-buys, plus it is beautiful to look at (loving the neon cover today), readable and covers both celebrity and fashion. What is there not to like?

If you buy today's issue (see cover above) which is only £1 and then head to page 72 you will see a section called 'Must-see Websites' and a feature 'Vintage Shopping Without The Rummage'. It mentions four vintage fashion websites and why you MUST shop at them. 

The first one mentioned is of course Lovely's Vintage Emporium and they say the following about us:

The Fashion-Forward Favourite 

Lovely's Vintage Emporium

This is our first port of vintage call. After browsing the too-cool collection of designer finds, from retro Revlon clutch bags to the most amazing vintage Chanel, we're hooked on their frequently updated range of affordable clothes and accessories. Only the most fashion-forward styles make the cut, so they've pretty much done your shopping for you. We need never step foot into a vintage shop again! www.lovelysvintageemporium.com

By a strange twist of fate I was actually involved in the early planning stages of LOOK magazine in 2006 before it hit the news stands. I won't go into too much detail for reasons of confidentiality but suffice to say I was Associate Editor of Now magazine at the time for IPC Media (the publishers of LOOK) and they were planning to launch a new weekly women's magazine. 

They asked me and another journalist (who was on another IPC magazine) to head up two teams and to come up with ideas for this launch magazine and compete against each other and then present the two visions of this future magazine to the head honcho's at the publishers. It was so much fun. I cannot claim any credit for the final product but I certainly enjoyed being part of the process.

LOOK magazine then launched in February 2007 and sold 318,907 issues a week making it the most successful launch in 17 years. It was the first weekly high street fashion magazine for women really and that is why it is so popular. Not everyone can afford designer clothes so there was a need for a magazine like LOOK.

LOOK magazine are also award winners! Recently the journalist Jane Cunningham (aka www.britishbeautyblogger.com) teamed up with Beaut.ie and launched a reader-led poll 'Beaut.ie & British Beauty Blogger Magazine Awards 2012' to find out which magazines were the most popular. Thousands of people voted and in the 'Best for Fashion' category it wasn't Elle, Vogue or Marie Claire...it was LOOK magazine that won.

Do you read LOOK? Why do you love it? Please do comment on this blog as I love to hear from you.

Love Lovely x

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