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On Monday night we attended the Dogs Trust Honours awards in London with our rescue dog Miss Polar Bear. Miss Polar came from the Dogs Trust Canterbury and has been our best pet friend for over four years. She will be five in August and she is a crossbreed (we think Labrador and Terrier...). 

She is obsessed by tennis balls, chasing foxes and rabbits, sitting on my knee and anyone who has doggie treats in their pocket. She dislikes loud noises, men in hats (don't ask) and anyone who makes sudden movements. Many rescue dogs are nervous, as they have often been mistreated, and she is no exception. 

Below: Miss Polar waiting patiently in the car before the party.

Here is Miss Polar with NB arriving at the Dogs Trust Honours awards. Do you not think Miss Polar looks like Homer the dog in the Dogs Trust logo?

The Dogs Trust is the UK's largest dog welfare charity and has been saving dogs in need since 1891. Each year they care for around 16,000 dogs at their 17 Rehoming Centres. Thankfully no healthy dog is ever destroyed. 

If you want to get a dog then please do consider a rescue dog and if you cannot have your own dog then please do sponsor one. Here is the link

This year, for the fifth time, they have an awards ceremony called Dogs Trust Honours to celebrate special dogs and their owners. Below are the winners of this years awards.


The judging panel included famous dog lovers Deborah Meaden, Richard Caring, Paul Ross, Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Langsford, Ben de Lisi and Dawn O'Porter (who is very beautiful and was wearing a stunning vintage Dior dress at the awards). 

Dawn and her beyond cute rescue dog Potato below.

Hero Dog Award - Pet

The award for dogs that perform amazing acts of bravery or courageous feats. This recognises both a pet dog and a service dog (including but not restricted to police, armed forces, or Search & Rescue)

Winner: Izzy

Izzy was nominated for saving the life of her diabetic owner's life, David Robinson, not once, but twice

Hero Dog Award - Service

The award is for dogs that perform amazing acts of bravery or courageous feats. 

Winner: Aman

Aman is a police dog for the Suffolk Police and last year displayed true heroics when he was stabbed multiple times by an armed man.

Dogged Devotion Award

This category recognises pet dogs that provide emotional or medical support to their owners by acting as canine lifelines

Winner: Ajay

Ajay has supported a whole family through multiple illnesses.

Media Mutt Award

For dogs that have appeared in the media, on TV or within a film. Those dogs that have made the headlines or appeared on the small or silver screen in the last 12 months.

Winner: John Barrowman's spaniel Charlie 

Here I am with John, spaniel Charlie and Miss Polar! She doesn't look very happy that I am picking her up. Spaniel Charlie is clearly more practised at this.

Dog’s Best Friend Award

Recognising adults and children who make a big difference to the lives of dogs. Young or old, these people are dedicated to dogs and go the extra mile to help the nation’s canine companions.

Winner: Carlos Parreira

Carlos is only 15 yet he devotes all his spare time to volunteering at a dog rescue centre called Little Dog Rescue.


The most hilarious part of the awards party was the butlers, see below, who were dressed in black suits serving doggies treats on silver platters. Miss Polar wouldn't leave them alone all night funnily enough.

Miss Polar being served by the butler

We also imbibed some Cosmopolitan cocktails served in tea cups.

Cakes and sandwiches!

Miss Polar Dog also particularly liked the Apple, Banana & Carrot Billy + Margot dog ice cream...

The vintage 1960s doggie necklace I wore to the event. Necklaces available to buy here.

I also met a vintage 'celebrity actor' at the awards who I was completely star struck by. I will blog about him look out for that blog.

Please do support the work of the Dogs Trust in any way you can.

Love Lovely x

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  • Lovely on

    Love you Neandra!

  • @luvfashionista on

    OMG! I loved reading this, she’s a total star. I just know I’m going to totally embarrass myself should I ever meet Miss Polar #justsaying

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