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On Monday I attended the Dogs Trust Honours awards in London - see my blog about it here and see the Dogs Trust blog about it here where they even mention us and our Dogs Trust rescue dog Polar.

The event was awash with well-known people and their dogs. I met John Barrowman and his spaniel Charlie, Strictly Come Dancing's Camilla Sacre-Dallerup, her actor husband Kevin and their white crossbreed rescue dog Sven (Camilla and Kevin met on a reality TV show about training dogs The Underdog), Brix Smith Start and her pugs Gladys and Pixie, Sunday Mirror TV columnist Kevin O'Sullivan, wife Henrietta and their rescue dog Dotty, some girls from Made In Chelsea (sorry, not sure who as I don't watch it), TV presenter Dawn Porter and her rescue dog Potato and many more. 

See some of the celebrities pictured below. The pictures are a mix of ones I took and some are from the Dogs Trust Facebook page.

The HIGHLIGHT for me though had to be meeting actor Brian Murphy who played George Roper in George & Mildred (1976-1980). Can you believe I met George!!! Any vintage lovers will know exactly what George & Mildred is and if you don't then head to eBay or Amazon and order the box set of the TV sitcom. I must admit that I didn't watch it at the time it originally aired as I was too young but saw the re-runs in the 1980s and it is the funniest 1970s sitcom you will ever see. George and Mildred Roper are a married couple who essentially don't like each other. Mildred is in charge and poor George spends his life trying not to get caught out by Mildred for whatever he is up to on any given day. The outfits Mildred (played by the now deceased Yootha Joyce) wears are pure 1970s and include the finest floaty maxi dresses mixed up with minis, flowers in her hair and very bright green eyeshadow. Classic.

Here I am (far left) with Brian aka George Roper (far right) and his lovely actress wife Linda Regan and their adorable fluffy dog. You might recognise his wife too as she played the character of April a Yellowcoat in Hi-de-Hi!. They were absolutely delightful and he didn't seem to mind me gushing like a crazy person all over him...

Have you met any of your vintage hero or heroine's? As always I love to hear you comments so please do let me know what you think of this blog.

Love Lovely x

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  • VintageSindyGal on

    In the words of Amy Childs (never thought I’d be saying that but) “I’m well Jel” of you both for meeting two of my fav ppl. I was telling my lil George Roper all about it, poor thing must think I’m crazy.
    One day I hope it will be me who meets him.

  • Lovely on

    Wow Josie, that is dedication – can you take a picture of her autograph and email it to me?

  • Jo Sage on

    I queued for 2 hours in pouring rain to meet Yootha Joyce (Mildred for those who don’t know ) in the 70’s when she opened a Redifusion shop in Eastbourne. Still have her autograph in a very dog earred (sorry) book. Brian looks great, obviously uses the anti wrinkle cream ! Lucky you, loved the series too and Man about the house.

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