Gucci recreates lipstick line inspired by Hollywood

Each Gucci lipstick 💄 is named after a Hollywood film or movie stars from the golden era

Italian fashion house Gucci has added vintage-style to the beauty industry with a new collection of lipsticks.

Alessandro Michele, the Creative Director, designed the 58 piece range, which can also double up as a blusher or eyeshadow. It is his debut beauty range.

Taking inspiration from stars in Hollywood’s Golden Age, the products are available in three types, Rouge à Lèvres Satin with a satin finish, Rouge à Lèvres Voile with a sheer finish and Baume à Lèvres lip balm with a translucent finish.

Plus, each shade is named after a Hollywood film or character and scented with violet.

Michele says: “Lipstick is the most beautiful object you can find inside a handbag. Lipstick is a playful object because it recalls crayons that children colour with. Lipstick also symbolises of the world of cinema, and all the famous lips from Hollywood.”

“I thought back to the lipsticks I saw in my life, when I was little, my mum’s lipstick, who was always inspired by the 50s, and I wanted to give it the most powerful meaning, that of the Hollywood divas and the mythology of cinema, which first put the lips in the spotlight.”

The campaign model is punk rocker Dani Miller and photographer is Martin Parr. “Growing up, I felt like I needed to wear makeup to cover pimples and feel more attractive. (Other models used are Ellia Sophia Coggins, Achok Majak and Mae Lapres.) “But if you switch that idea around and put some power into your flaws,” she says, mouth stretching into an endearingly crooked, gap-tooth smile, “they can become your best assets.”

The new lipsticks are £34 each and will be available from Harrods from 28 May.

All photos courtesy of Gucci

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