Happy Vintage Christmas

Thank you to all of you for your fabulous support of Lovely's Vintage in 2018!

Lovely's Vintage clients

It has been a vintage year for Lovely's Vintage Emporium!

We have more of you lovely clients than ever before and are the busiest we have been since launch in 2011.

Below are some of our 2018 highlights! Sorry I cannot mention everyone but there are so many of you that have been amazing. Thank you!

Some of our lovely new clients came our way because the incredible blogger and Instagram star Kat Farmer, aka Does My Bum Look 40 mentioned a vintage Gucci bag she bought from us. We had no idea she was going to do this. It was not a commercial arrangement, but just happened organically. Our website nearly imploded with the traffic and sales. Thanks Kat! Some bloggers really are influencers. Do not ever doubt that.

Kat Farmer

Does My Bum Look 40

We have also had a fabulous revamp thanks to amazing branding and creative strategy consultant Lydia Mansi.

Lovely's Vintage Emporium

If you are a small brand and need help then she is your go-to woman. We hope you love our new-look Lovely's Vintage Emporium. Shopping with us via your mobile device should now be easier than ever before too. Here is her website.

Lydia Mansi

We also continued to sell a few vintage pieces of jewellery that were owned by superstar actress and singer Toyah Willcox. Here is a link to a few pieces we have left. We did a huge wardrobe sale for her in 2016 for her chosen charity, a hospice her mother was in. We were able to send some more funds their way in 2018 too.

Special thank you to our friend and client Allan, who is a very wonderful supporter of our business. He is a special man. Thank you Allan.

We moved office (tiring, but worth it). But we are still based in Bristol in the south west of England and still only sell online, so it doesn't really matter to most of you where we actually reside.

I (Lynnette, owner of Lovely's Vintage) got married in 2018 to a wonderful man called Barry. I said it was a busy year! My Lovely's Vintage models Georgia and Sophie were my bridesmaids. Don't they look fab at the wedding wearing Lovely's Vintage 1970s crochet dresses. I am in the one in the middle...also wearing a vintage 1970s crochet dress.

Vintage wedding

Happy festive season and have a wonderful New Year.

Lots of love Lynnette and Lovely's Vintage Emporium. xxx

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