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Vintage Photos of Big Hair in the 1980s

The 1980s were a time of excess and this included the hairstyles.

I remember the fuss about hair in the 1980s, even though I was at at school. I had various perms and had my hair highlighted. It looked more grey than blonde most of the time though!

blonde perms

Plus, to have your hair highlighted involved a painful plastic cap with holes in. Then a knitting needle was used to pull your hair through. Agony.

1980s highlights

We have found some great vintage photos of 1980s hair and thank you to the website who inspired us to do this blog post. Enjoy.

blonde with poodle1980s school photo80s big hairblack perm

blonde permbad hair daybikini blonde1980s red hairside hair styleblack male hair 1980s1980s big hair

Clearly lots of backcombing and hairspray was involved.

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Love Lynnette

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