Musician Toyah Sells Her Vintage Fashion With Us For Charity

Musician Toyah’s personal wardrobe is up for sale

Iconic UK musician and actress Toyah Willcox, who first found fame in the late 1970s, has teamed up with award-winning vintage fashion retail website Lovely’s Vintage Emporium, and its owner stylist Lynnette, for a third time to curate and exclusively present some of her personal fashion, boots and jewellery collection for sale. Profits go to charity.


Featuring pieces spanning Toyah’s career, the collection is available exclusively HERE

A cause personal to Toyah has been chosen again to receive profits from the sale.

Toyah: ‘I am very happy once again that Lynnette and Lovely’s Vintage are offering pieces from my personal collection for this charity sale. It is to raise funds for the St Richard’s Hospice in Worcester who looked after my mum so brilliantly. With her love, passion and expertise in vintage fashion retail, my buddy Lynnette has provided the ideal platform for this sale.’

Owner Lynnette: ‘We are so thrilled to bring you more pieces from Toyah’s personal wardrobe. Toyah and I have been friends since we met on a celebrity magazine photo shoot in 2001. The stories behind these one-off pieces are memories that tell the story of Toyah’s incredible career.’

Here are some of the pieces that are available to buy.

Whilst Toyah’s iconic stage clothes are to be bequeathed to London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, the singer wanted her personal jewellery and wardrobe pieces worn for television and promotional appearances to be made available in partnership with Lovely’s Vintage Emporium.

Enjoy shopping Toyah’s wardrobe!


Love Lovely's Vintage Emporium

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