Gucci Captures Florence Welch’s 1970s Boho Spirit

Florence hangs out in a vintage caravan!

Florence Welch is loved by us for for her 1970s-style vintage bohemian wardrobe and look - plus her music of course.

This season Gucci have chosen her as their jewellery brand ambassador.

She is photographed for the latest Gucci campaign, by Colin Dodgson, in a vintage Romany caravan wagon lounging on colourful fabrics and wearing sumptuous velvets and layers of jewellery. Perfection.

Florence: ‘I haven't really been an ambassador for something before, and to be honest I don't think that it's something that I would have even considered had it not been for Alessandro’ She previously told Vogue. ‘What he is doing is so up my street that it feels so natural for us to be working together.’

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Love Lynnette x

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