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My Best Friend’s Wedding Cast Reunite

Stars of one of the best romantic comedies reunite

The cast of My Best Friend's Wedding have reunited in style for magazine Entertainment Weekly's first romantic comedy issue.

Julia Roberts Is wearing a white suit while Cameron Diaz is in pink tulle for her ‘first major magazine photo shoot in years.’ Rupert Everett and Dermot Mulroney are both now silver foxes (aren’t women allowed to go grey in Hollywood?). 

The film first opened on June 20th 1997 and is the story of two friends, played by Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney, who made a pact to get married if either of them was single by the time they were 28.

When Julia’s character food critic Julianne Potter, found out that the man of her dreams was engaged to a 20-year-old college student, she came up with a plan to stop the wedding and marry him.

Will there now be a sequel? We hope so!

Love Lynnette x

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