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Photographer Sarah Moon - not to be confused with artist Sara Moon

First of all let's get one thing straight. The photographer Sarah Moon, born as Marielle Warin, is a French photographer. Sarah Moon started out as a model, but then turned to fashion photography in the 1970s. Image above is by her from 1972 and appeared in Vogue magazine.

Whereas the artist Sara Moon, is in fact a man and is the professional pseudonym of Iranian born, German national, Bijan Djamalzadeh.

Some of Sarah's most famous work was for the vintage lifestyle brand BIBA. She photographed the 'Face of BIBA' model Ingrid Boulting for many of their promotional campaigns. Below we have poster for sale of Ingrid, with the photographer being Sarah. 

Sarah's work has a painterly and ethereal feel and was very much in keeping with the floaty, arty vibe of the 1970s. “For me, photography is pure fiction,” she has said. “I don't believe that I am making any defined statement. Instead, I am expressing something, an echo of the world maybe.”

She has also produced photographs for Vogue magazine, Comme des Garçons, Chanel, and Dior. In 1972, she became the first woman to shoot the Pirelli calendar. Since 1985, she has concentrated on gallery and film work. She is now 78 and her work is just as popular today.


Vintage Biba poster of a Sarah Moon photograph

This is an authentic large vintage poster from 1970 by the iconic shop Biba. It is a photograph by the photographer Sarah Moon of model Ingrid Boulting, who was the ‘Face of Biba’. This poster has the Biba logo and pattern in one corner in block letters and the Biba Gold pattern on black as the trim all the way around the poster. A rare item.

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