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Last night was the first airing of the new six-part Channel 4 series about vintage fashion called 'This Old Thing'. You can follow the show on Twitter on @ThisOldThingTV

It is hosted by the very talented presenter and writer Dawn O'Porter. You can follow her on Twitter on @hotpatooties - Lovely's Vintage Emporium is very lucky that Dawn has been a client and below are some images of her wearing some of our vintage pieces.

Plus, one of our Lovely's Vintage Emporium necklaces was featured on last night's show. See pictures below.

To our knowledge this is the first time a TV series has been made about vintage for prime time TV. It was on at 8pm on a Wednesday night which is a peak viewing time. This shows how far vintage fashion has come on since the days of people considering it just old and smelly clothes. 

We have noticed through social media comments on Twitter and Facebook that not all of the 'vintage community' are happy about this show. Some are saying it does not feature 'real vintage'. Not even sure what that means? Vintage fashion is basically anything that was produced from the 1920s to the 1980s and they certainly did cover off those decades.

Our view is that this is a prime time TV show that is there to be enjoyed by all sectors of society and is not meant to be a show for vintage purists. It is not an Open University 'history of vintage fashion' TV show - it is entertainment. Lighten up people! 

We personally thought the show offered something for everyone and included various 'upcycling vintage' projects, mixed up with some fashion history and some 'real' girls who appeared to be converted from being High Street shoppers to liking vintage fashion. It also showcased lots of different vintage fashion websites and vintage shops and this can surely only be a good thing for the vintage community?

We will definitely be tuning in next week to watch This Old Thing and we hope you do too if you missed last night's show.

Love Lovely x


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